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Fondatore Ideatore presedente News Events Turin fotografo Kaushka di Torino
Kaushka bought his first digital camera a little over a decade ago, of course he later changed several modern models and always has a camera at hand!
The photographer’s main achievements include participation in thousands of different events, more than half of which are international shows (including the most important fashion week in Turin 2016-17), regional and national beauty contests for Miss Italy and Miss World, casting, fashion nights. As the creator of the news site he has made many photographs on the streets of the city that has further brought him closer to photography in the photographic studios of Turin, which is a slightly different from the reportage. Studio photography involves a particular approach, but years of experience with photographic services and various projects have made him an expert in artificial lighting and the master of staged photograhy. Today, Serghei Kaushka is one of the best wedding photographers. At the end of 2018 Kaushka held a series of small personal exhibitions, one of which took place in one of the most famous hotels during the fashion event in Turin — Saint Petersburg, where the photographer was the guest of honor, as confirmed in an interview by Mrs. Mirella Rocca, being the organizer of the competition A girl for the cinema and president of the Academy of fashion. Very often, Serghei’s photos and videos are chosen in various Italian newspapers, magazines and television. Serghei Kaushka creates images that can represent a personal vision, covering a variety of subjects, such as landscapes, street photos, corporate portraits, advertising, fashion, architecture, sports and many others. Since the beginning of 2012 Serghei Kaushka has devoted most of his time to fashion photography, glamour, body art (bodypainting and faceart), nude and the best images have been published in magazines like Torino Magazine (in three releases between 2013 and 2017), Professional Make Up… his current projects can also be seen on the Facebook page.
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