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Kaushka Studio portrait photographer in Turin Italy

A very important factor for a successful portraiture photographic session is an expert photographer, quality photographic equipment and good lighting.

Kaushka studio offers portraits taken in the city of Turin. It is better to do it in a professional studio: shooting is possible in any city in Italy, where you can put the right light, work easily with the equipment and not be distracted by external factors. However, if the client wants, successful portraits can also be taken in nature or in the city. Many models prefer to be photographed using a background of flowering plants, autumn foliage, soft white snow.

Undoubtedly, in the portraits, the face of the model is very important. Therefore, the photographer of portraits in Turin Serghei Kaushka can professionally prepare a photo shoot. Upon request, these services can include beauty treatments: cleaning, moisturizing, make-up. Kaushka Photography will advise you the best masters of the sector: visagists, hairdressers. The hairstyle is also very important. For portraits shooting it is better to choose a simple style. If you know for sure that a certain hairstyle is good for you, do it!

Portraits can be single, of couple or of group. It is important that the portrait transmits not only the characteristics of the model’s face, but also his state of mind. In this way an artistic portrait is obtained.

The photographer Kaushka tries to use the least amount of retouching possible. Usually, retouching is necessary when the model wants to hide some defect.

Only a professional photographer can see in the model not only a beautiful appearance, but also a personality. The portrait photographer in Italy Serghei Kaushka can see all your emotions, from the face, the smile, the glow of the eyes and facial expressions.

The portraits convey the charm and the mood of the people: this is why portraits are always popular and become masterpieces at photographic exhibitions.

Create your own unique portrait by shooting with the help of a professional photographer in Italy.

All the photos presented on this page are made by our team. We will be happy if you choose Kaushka as a portrait photographer in Turin or in any other city in Italy.

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