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Family photoshooting in Italy

Requesting a family photoshooting in Turin is a great opportunity to fill the family album with beautiful moments of happiness, harmony and beauty, and perhaps a pretext to bring together all the generations of your family. No problem – just call Kaushka Photography: the organization of the process is completely done by us, we offer a comfortable studio or a picturesque park for summer or winter shooting in nature and we help you prepare for a family photo shoot. Artistic, memorable shots and a sea of vivid impressions are guaranteed!
Ideas for a family photo shoot
In Turin and Piedmont, we organize family photo sessions in the studio, in a park, on the street, in a bar or at home of the “models”. Ideas are sufficient, every option has its advantages!
Photo shoot for the family in the city of Turin
The advantages of holding a family photo session in the studio are obvious: it is a specially equipped space, there are lamps, large windows and a variety of props. You will have at your disposal a room with accessories and all other appropriate objects, so that the child feels at ease in an unknown environment. As a rule, bright interiors filled with natural light are chosen. You can rent a specially equipped photo studio in Turin or in any other city in Italy.
Family photo in nature in Italy
With good weather, it is advisable to photograph families with children in the middle of nature: during the walk, children behave in an uninhibited way: they run, they play with their parents while we take unforgettable pictures! For street shooting, we have a lot of ideas, we ourselves will recommend a well-kept space in Turin and surroundings. Moreover, it is convenient in summer and winter, but also in any season – it is not necessary to rent a studio.
Family photoshooting with children
Taking photos at home is a great idea for those who have children who are still very young: at home, surrounded by family walls, along with the mother, the child feels at ease. Therefore magnificent photos will come out! This option will be inexpensive, as it saves on rent.

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