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Professional retoucher in Italy

The first date, the wedding day, the last bell, the meeting of classmates, – in the life of each of us, there are an incredible variety of things that you want to save in your memory thanks to some beautiful photographs. But, suddenly a pimple or dark circles that appear on the eve of the solemn event can ruin the mood.
What is retouching?
The professional photo editing is the ideal solution that to turn your photos into a true work of art. It is worth remembering that model photos do not end up on magazine pages without a preliminary elaboration. Defects that are difficult to hide with the make up layers will be instantly removed thanks to the retouching.
The possibilities for correcting photos are quite large and include the following “cosmetic operations”:
– give brightness to colors;
– removal of skin defects (pimples, bruises, abrasions, etc.);
– removal of defects in the body (correcting the shape of the legs, chest, nose, etc.);
– removal of double chin, creases and wrinkle;
– eye color correction, including elimination of redness.
Which are the types of retouching?
Anticipating a large number of questions from those who want to retouch the photo, I want to say immediately that the degree of change can be different and depends on the final goal and your desires. In some cases, it is enough to give some brightness to the image, while maintaining a realistic image, in others – it is possible to completely change the photo, bringing it to perfection.
Easy retouch: refers to the basic correction. This photo processing involves a change in colors, thanks to which the pictures acquire saturation and brightness.
Complex retouching is a rather laborious process, in consequence of which the pictures acquire a perfect appearance. The use of this touch up can lead to the elimination of all imperfections of the face and body.
When you order photo editing, you can be assured that you will get pictures that can become not only a worthy decoration of a family photo album, but can also help promote your creative career.

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