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In my portfolio there are:
– family photoshooting (adults and children);
– photoshooting for children (including portfolio for models);
– photoshooting for pregnant women with husband;
– baptism in the church;
– love story for two;
– photos and videos for portofolio for a girl, model;
– my pride: bodypainting;
– photos and videos for a wedding;
– company portrait, success story;
– reportage, photography of events in Italy.
Kaushka Photography is happy to take pictures of your family and your child, a wedding, a baptism, holiday, create a portfolio for models, business portrait, company inauguration, create advertising for promotion for the Internet or television.
You can purchase a gift certificate for a photo shoot to make your friends and family happy. In Turin, it is not easy to find a Russian-speaking photographer who offers low-cost but quality services. My work is distinguished in precision in preparation for a shooting and high quality at a reasonable price and a lot of experience. The photographer Kaushka in Italy can also shoot by candlelight or under the sun, and his choice is a professional camera and lenses that allow you to take pictures in difficult conditions.
Photographic studio service in Turin and other Italian cities
Kaushka Photography performs professional photo shoots in Italy, in the most beautiful studios in Turin, always offering a choice of different suitable interiors. Studio photography will take place in any weather: you can feel free, show sincere emotions, be spontaneous! The photographer in Italy has at his disposal the lighting equipment and the necessary props. Serghei Kaushka will help you prepare well, so a photo shoot in Turin will cost a little, and the result of our creativity will be some great photos!
Preparation for shooting
A professional photographer consults customers in detail, here are my plans:
-call and discuss any shots;
-for shooting in the middle of nature I will recommend well-kept parks and picturesque corners of the city that will be the background;
-if a photographic session is planned in the studio, I will suggest a choice of interiors with adequate decorations;
For the creation of unique images, makeup, styling and selection of clothes, I will recommend a make-up artist and a stylist of proven effectiveness.
A good family photographer tries to make friends with his models: I give particular importance to this. Absence of embarrassment and spontaneity in behavior are the best way to get wonderful shots with children!
How to order the services of a photographer
You can order my photographic services by calling the number +393201411145 from 9:00am to 11:00pm. At any time, fill out the form in Contacts and photographer Kaushka will call you back. To order photo shoots in Turin, you can use the e-mail: info@fotogaraitalia.com, or write to me via the social network Facebook.
Order a photo session in Turin
On the site of the Photographer Italy you can order a photo shoot of any kind, the limit is your imagination! I will take care of making the photoshooting fun and memorable, realising the most unusual ideas.

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