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Photoshooting for two: “love story” in Italy

I have often been contacted for a photoshoot for two, “love story”, by couples in love who are not ready for the wedding – as a gift for the anniversary or for Valentine’s Day. If you have a wedding ceremony in program, a romantic photoshooting for two will allow you to fill the album with a sequence of romantic dates and to approve the candidature of the photographer for the wedding.
Ideas for a romantic photo shoot for two
We can distinguish two basic ideas for the “love story” photoshooting:
– recreation of any phase of the relationship;
– the implementation of a thematic scenario, for example a romantic dinner.
Photoshoot “love story” in the studio
If the photo session is planned in the studio, I can recommend to my heroes many beautiful and inexpensive interiors with a romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, comfort creates the possibility of shooting in any weather. Shooting love stories in studio seems very professional and expensive – like a cover of a magazine!
Photo shoot in the open air, on the street
Even in the streets of Turin you can implement excellent ideas: we can use memorable places, for example, the park where the couple had their first kiss. Above all it is nice to set the photoshooting with the two lovers in nature – look at my portfolio and see for yourself – my heroes convey a great love!
Love Story photographs in Italy – the emotions of love
For me, a love story – it’s a story of care and love between two people; I focus on postures, expressions of the couple’s face, physical contact, smiles, kisses, looks … usually it is recommended to choose matched clothes and a make up. Reflecting the true fullness of feelings – this is what will make images truly believable!
The protagonists are you and your sweetheart. I want to capture these moments, leave them in memory for a long time. How? It’s very simple.
Love Story – it’s not just about photos, but it’s an opportunity to travel back in the best moments of your life at any time. Try again the emotion of the first meeting, an unforgettable walk together, your wedding or honeymoon, a photo will make you easily go back in time. A romantic photoshooting with a couple is not just a pleasant memory. This is also an excellent surprise for your chosen one, a gift that will not leave anyone indifferent. Still, you can try yourself to get rid of the embarrassment and stiffness in front of the camera. Love Story is a great opportunity to prepare your wedding. A professional photographer will tell you which are the best angles, will share suggestions, will make your photo session in Italy easy and unforgettable.

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