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Moving from an endless territory, such as the former Soviet Union, to a completely different one from the one he was used to: therefore, the decision was not easy, both because of the distance separating the two countries, and because of the differences in the daily lives of citizens. Without losing hope, Serghei Kaushka, with his good-natured appearance, continues to do what he has already doing in his country, devoting himself to photography and video.
This allows him to mentally immerse himself in the city and learn more about Turin and its inhabitants. Therefore, he began to photograph the beauty that the city offers: from monuments depicting famous people or Savoy palaces that have a certain historical significance. In spite of this, he found the greatest inspiration in street photography, which encourages him to attend increasingly important events. Although he has not yet fully learned the Italian language since 2008, for him this is not a serious problem, he still manages to make himself understood and being always and everywhere the first with his “working tools”.

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