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Fashion photography as a kind of photographic art appeared at the beginning of the last century. During this period, it managed to conquer a solid slice of the professional photography market. Already in the 1920s, fashion photography began to prevail over graphics with printing of the time. Approximately at the same time, the idea of a fashion magazine was born and since then they go hand in hand, as a couple that can not be separated.

Fashion photography today is taking photos of collections of clothes and accessories for fashion houses, catwalks, glamorous events and much more.
The fashion photographer in Italy Kaushka Photography (photographer specialized in fashion photography) produces photographs of clothing and accessories collections and fashion shows to highlight and show clothes, shoes, accessories and other objects related to fashion.

Fashion photography is a luxurious, brilliant, provocative and insanely popular phenomenon in modern magazines and blogs. Many people dream of creating their glamorous masterpieces. If you are a fashion designer in Turin or another city in Italy or if you have a clothing store, footwear and accessories, ask for photographer Serghei Kaushka, who will take amazing photos and videos that will introduce you to many new customers and encourage them to buy, and this will positively influence your profit. We can organize a fashion show, a fashion party, find models and a beautiful and prestigious place for a fashion event, in addition we will consider the options in order to attract public to your fashion event.

I’m Serghei Kaushka, a photographer based in Turin Italy. I have lived and travelled around Europe, and parts of ex USSR. I hope to keep travelling and share more great images! Welcome to my page!

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