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EVENT-photographer in Italy

The photographer Serghei Kaushka has a great experience in the field of reportage photography for various important events in Italy and his work is appreciated by his clients thanks to his excellent photos.
To achieve the desired result, it is important to interact with the event organizer, to set goals and a clear plan, on what to focus when working on this event.

  • The sponsors of the event are an important part: roll up, stand, flyers and business cards are essential for good advertisement.
  • Important guests – video and photos of the guests of the event, possibly with guests invited from other cities, regions or countries.
  • The venue of the event: it is important to show the venue itself, the general view, if possible from a high point to show the crowds of people and the queue outside the entrance.
  • The exciting photos of the event – if it is a competition, it is necessary to capture the reaction of the winners and the moment of the awards, the handshakes or the cutting of the ribbon during an inauguration. If possible, take group photos of guests before the event and photos of celebrities in the lobby.
    The photographer Serghei Kaushka will take into account the needs of customers for video and photos of events in Italy and will present your event at its best! Call now and we will discuss everything in detail..

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