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Dear parents, a photoshooting for children in Italy is an exciting adventure and it is also quite cheap! Request a photo session in Turin for your child and I will take care of everything: I will help you choose clothes, I will recommend places for shooting in Turin. A world of pleasant impressions and bright, memorable photos are guaranteed!
Request a photoshooting with children in Turin in Kaushka Photography Studio
Photographer for children in Turin: our services are more often ordered by mothers who do not want to miss a single stage in their child’s life. Taking pictures of children requires not only talent and skills, but also special props: for the little ones in a photo studio there are baskets, hems, rugs, scarves, hats. In my work, I think the most important thing is to win the trust of a wonderful little hero, let him behave as he wishes and I will take good pictures! Children always give me their contribution in return, because I try to see the world like them. After the meeting, I’m also a bit sad, having to say goodbye to my new little friend …
Ideas for a photo shoot for children in Italy
In Turin and Milan, I offer photographic services for children in the places listed below: in the children’s room or outdoors, on the street or in the park – I have many ideas for a photo shoot for children, I will offer the best options!

Photo session for children in Italy in the studio

By organizing a shooting for children in the studio, you can create the most incredible and creative ideas. The photos appear more professional, as in advertising; using professional light, I emphasize the mood and all the virtues of the young model. The photo studio for children Kaushka Photography in Turin is the key to take very expressive portraits or even to create a portfolio for models!
Photo for children in the middle of nature
In nature, the photographic session can not seem boring for the child: the park has ample space for games, movement and communication with peers. Taking a photo session with a child walking on the street, surrounded by nature – it is an excellent idea all year round, in summer and in winter. You can rid

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