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Corporate portrait or success story In the modern world of digital technologies, your corporate portrait can work for you 24 hours a day, attracting the attention of your potential customers, future partners or employers. The decision that your customers should take in your favor depends on whether your image is built accurately and correctly on a corporate photo. Your corporate portrait should inspire in a person the following three qualities: trust, openness and confidence. That’s why you have to work with professional photographer Serghei Kaushka, who knows exactly how to take portraits of men and women.

White background – The simplicity and naturalness of a corporate photo on a white background focus the viewer’s attention on the most important thing: on the image. The white background in portraiture photography, both for men and women, is an international standard for the language of visual communications and is widely used in all areas of modern business, personal branding and recruitment.

Gray background – If you have the task to promote your company brand in the field of business management, the gray background on your corporate portrait will correctly place all the accents and transmit information about you to the recipient without distortion. The gray background is often used to photograph portraits of business executives and top managers.

Black background – The black background in the corporate portrait solves the problem of the creative positioning of the model or the strengthening of the idea of personal branding. Because of the clear transition from the dark background color to the natural color of the model’s face, the viewer’s attention is focused only on the emotions of the model.

Hairstyle and makeup for the portrait of a businesswoman If necessary, establish with the photographer the inclusion of a professional make-up artist in the project, which will help you to have a 100% look at the time of shooting. If necessary, visit your hairdresser before meeting the photographer in order to have a hairstyle ready to shoot.

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