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Art Photography in Italy body face art Project

Our body painting projects started in 2015, after Kaushka Photography Turin was inspired by an unique project presented during a master class in Turin. The beauty of the female body and the artistic designs make this type of work special, and are perceived by the public in different ways. After completing the first ten projects, our creative group began to approach the selection of models with great care and attention. For every project it takes a long time, the result goes to history and remains there forever, so the choice of the theme is very important. The photos taken by Kaushka Photography are bright and alive; a particular charm is given to these projects thanks to short video clips in which each model tries to enter the character and transmit the spirit of the theme to all our spectators and customers. Body painting can serve your business and corporate advertising. Contact us, we will devise a concept and we will make an advertising video using this artistic innovation!

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