Beauty photoshooting in Italy

The fashion industry goes on like no other in the rest of the world, creating fashion trends. It’s the fashion photography that you see most often in fashion magazines and advertising pictures. There are more and more customers who want to make fashion photos for private uses in order to capture an unusual and particular image of themselves. And I am happy to share with them my considerable experience in this field and to help them become temporarily a professional model!
Beauty photos in Italy differ from other types of photography
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Beauty photographs differ from traditional portrait pictures as they accentuate details. If the task of a portraiture image is to convey the image and character of a person, in the images of beauty comes to the fore the aesthetic component – an unusual shape of the eyes, an interesting make up, jewelry or the hairstyle of the model. Beauty photos help reveal these details.

Both a beginner and a professional model must include images from the beauty industry in their portfolio. They are considered an optional part of the portfolio, but they are nevertheless of great importance. These are the photos that most of the agencies are interested in, because they show the ability of a model to be able to transmit a specific image. In this case, it is a studio shoot, which aims to show a complex make up, unusual hairstyles or body art.

Very often, a beauty photo shoot is a portrait, but there are exceptions. This type of photo session can be designed for a particular project / publication or be an independent addition to the model’s portfolio. The main difference between a beauty portrait and an usual one is the attention to makeup and luxurious hairstyles, and not the individuality of the model. It is advisable to choose in advance the look for this type of photographs.

Since in this case the close-ups are often used, the post-production retouching has its merits. In fact, the model’s skin must look perfect, but maintain its natural texture. It means that you have to pay close attention to the characteristics of the model’s face and hairstyle. A quality result is considered as such when the model seems perfect and at the same time quite natural.

Where are beauty shots used?
The purposes of beauty photography are very large, so a professional model with the right features can always find a job. Commercial projects that require the beauty of make-up: promotional material for beauty salons, cosmetic brands, make-up studios, various magazines, etc. Well-known companies often use such models in large advertisements. A beauty photoshooting can beautify any girl’s portfolio.

The advantages of ordering a beauty photo shoot from our team
If you need professional beauty shots, our team is ready to offer everything you need:

– services of expert visagists or stylists;
– beauty photoshooting with quality postproduction;
– work of a photographer specialized in model photography;
– all the necessary high-level equipment.
This means that the creative makeup and hairstyle for the photo shoot will be performed by our team shortly before the shoot. We will help you creating an excellent addition to your portfolio.

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