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Kaushka Production has many years of experience in shooting and video editing in Italy. In 10 years we have provided video footage for many of our customers, including many organizers of major events in northern Italy, entrepreneurs and store owners.

Video services provided by our studio:
— advertising video
— studio shooting
— video clips
— videotaping of concerts
— shooting of events
— shooting of objects (products, services)
— shooting of music videos
— professional photos and videos
— videotaping with the drone
— video shooting with celebrities

How much does the video cost and what does the price depend on?
Video shooting can include various additional costs. For example, the transfer of people and equipment to the shooting site, the number of shooting days, the equipment used. And if more cameras are required, then the price of the service will be influenced by the number of operators. Prices for video shooting in Italy are very different. For example, they can range from a couple of hundred euros to several thousand.

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