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Torino Fashion Week 2016-17-18

TMODA organized for the first time the fashion week in Turin in 2016. The former Mirafiori industrial area (the place that created the history of automobile and design in Turin) was an excellent venue for this event, which focuses on the creativity and unusual style of the avant-gardes to discover the new talents of Italian and international fashion. More than 50 fashion designers, from 27 June to 3 July 2016, showed their creations on the podium.
The keynote of the event is «the emerging» and the emphasis is on design. The fashion week in Turin has become a cultural incubator of stylists and strengthens the fashion and creativity of young designers.
Serghei Kaushka as a photographer and videomaker participated in the Torino Fashion Week 2016-17-18
27 June 2016 — 3 July 2016 Former Mirafiori industrial area — Corso Luigi Settembrini, 178 — Turin

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