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Fashion fotografo in Italia di Torino

Italy fashion photohooting — The creation of a portfolio for models — is similar to theatrical performances, where the photographer acts as a director, whose purpose is to fully exploit the potential of the model, to show their charm and personality. After all, a model’s portfolio on glossy magazine photographs captures moments that come to life when you look at them and give people a feeling of beauty and grace. The grace of the lines, the subtlety of the shapes and all the facets of the style: fashion photography is inconceivable without this. Beauty manifests itself with nuances and hints. Attention to detail is the key to a successful advertising campaign, because by highlighting precisely the strengths, selecting the necessary lightings and correct perspectives, you can show yourself in the most favorable way. Fashion photography for catalogs offers the opportunity to tell the story of every thing that comes into your mind, to show its nature and inspire potential customers to buy it. Only a professional fashion photographer can handle these challenges. Photographing for fashion magazines is a specialization of photographer Kaushka, thanks to his rich experience in the world of Italian fashion in Turin, Milan and other Italian cities; he had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many models, stylists and event organizers .
The portfolio of the photographer Serghei Kaushka contains photographs showing current fashion and style trends. The shooting of wedding dresses and hats, fascinating collections of clothing and decorations, portfolio for models or selection of relevant trends — the many years of practice allow Kaushka Photography to face the most complex and unusual challenges, the result of which is always a bright, modern and pleasant photo. Fashion photography for catalogs and advertising is not only a responsibility, but also creativity. The photographer’s involvement and inspiration make it possible to create original and unusual works, the publication of which makes proud magazines and the models themselves, the portfolio of which is filled with quality and soul. After all, fashion photography must be not only expressive and beautiful, but also alive, emotional and harmonic. For example, it is unthinkable to photograph a wedding in fashion style without the charm of the romanticism, which must be present in every detail: from the movements of the head to the folds of the dress. Therefore, a professional must have not only a sense of style, action and know all current trends in the fashion industry, but also be able to find the right thing for each model: help them to reveal all their potential, to see not only their exteriority, but also the inner beauty. It is from the harmony of form and content that a masterpiece of fashion photography that will take its place in the portfolio of a glossy magazine, a model and a fashion photographer can be born. An elegant look is a visit card for every brand, a clothing store, a fashion edition and a modeling agency. Photography for magazines, photography for catalogs and portfolios — you can find all this on the website of professional photographer Kaushka in Italy and convince yourself that beauty is born in the details.

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